Du er her

Hei! Jeg snakker bare litt norsk ...

Stefan Armbrusters bilde

... men jeg bli bedre! Men jeg tror det er bedre snakker engelsk nå.

I'm from Germany and I'm a brand new member of your cycling club. The main reason for becoming member of your club was the impressive appearence of Rye at the "Styrkeprøven" race! The first time when I came in touch with Rye was 2013, when the "Rye Ekspressen" overtook me. It felt like as a train would overrun me! Really amazing!
Well, 2013 was not that perfect for me, to finish the race as a single rider and very beginner. I struggled with the enormous mass of rain (for a normal weak german, not for a strong nordmann of course), a breakdown (gear shift cable was torn) and the painful tiredness (I started at 12am). At the end, I finished with a borrowed bike (wich was two numbers to big), in about 26 hours, even not a time to be proud of.
But I reached Oslo against all odds ... AND .. I was so happy and proud about it!
The other thing which impressed me was the nature of the country and especially the people. I can't forget the "heia heia" calls beside the road, when the norwegian people support the riders in the middle of the night while it was raining! I also saw many barbecue partys during the night and during it was raining! Wow, I thought, these norwegian people must be totally crazy to do this! But it is even not more crazy as to cycle 540km without to sleep in one piece. So I'm at least as crazy as these norwegians ... and I loved it! I also loved the huge amounts of water rushed from the mountains, the lonley road through the "Dovre", the cities of Trondheim and Oslo, ... all in all the way how you norwegian guys live and your entire country.
Shortly after finising the race, when the feeling came back to my numb fingers, feets and bottom, I decided to come back in 2014. In order to make it short, I finished it 2014 with a few minor problems but very good weather conditions, as a single rider in about 21h. In 2015 I was also part of the race, but only inofficial, just to support a friend of mine as a windshield.

Long story short: In 2016 I also want to participate the Styrkeprøven race. So I asked to become member of your cycling club and to be part of one of your teams - certainly not in the "Ekspressen". My motto is "all or nothing", so this is the reason for me to learn the norwegian language because I also would like to be part of one of your training sessions next year in spring.

To improve and practice norwegian language, I would looking forward to receive lots of emails of you. But be patient, I'm a beginner but it's getting better and better. And of course, if somebody want to visit Germany, you are invited to stay in my house. I live in a "trehus" at the edge of the beautiful "Black Forrest" with lot's of perfect bike routes through the mountains and also flat. I'm looking forward to that.

Vi ses i 2016?!


min e-post: stefan@armbruster-mail.de

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